About Us


We have a very simple mission. We want to supply quality websites to our clients for a price that is affordable and realistic to both sides. What you are looking at now is a fairly simple form of website, intended to show some of the basics of web design. If you want to look at something more exciting, please visit our 'flash' website by clicking here, or select one of the sites in the gallery.


Many years ago, before websites existed, the only way of searching for a new supplier would be by using printed directories. These could be the good old Yellow Pages or trade directories such as Kellys, a large biblical publication that harboured all sorts of companies. The truth back then was that you would always look at the larger adverts and the ones with pictures rather than the ones that simply had a single line of uninspiring text.


These days, most people follow the same general behaviour when searching for a supplier except, via their website. I mean, who would stay at a hotel without seeing pictures of it first? Or who would order a wedding cake from someone without seeing some of their previous productions beforehand? Our research, and that of most modern companies, tells us that people will look at 'suppliers' with a website much more readily than they will look at people with no website. Also, if they look at a few websites, they will generally focus on the websites that look most impressive as they believe that the website is a fair impression of the company and their service. Sadly this can be misleading and many poor websites actually hide excellent suppliers. Conversely, many excellent websites hide very poor suppliers.


Our belief is that a good website is critical if you want to maximise your business opportunities. By good, we mean it has to be visually stimulating and convey enough information to give a good impression of the company as well as being easy to use and navigate.