Our costs:

A wise man once said "You only ever get what you pay for". 

Another one said "If it seems too good to be true, then it most probably is"....  

A basic website with up to 5 pages of content and graphics (Home, About Us, Services, Costs, Contact, etc.- can be any names you like), can cost you as little as £250. 

Add a website photo-gallery (flash is good here) for another £50-100, depending on the content of course. 

A fully flash based website (singing and dancing like some of the ones in our gallery) will cost around £600, depending on the complexity but very rarely more than £1,000 unless you want the website to make the tea as well. 

Please note that with all flash sites, we also offer to create a simple text only version of your site to allow people without flash to view it and to also improve your search ranking with the major search engines. We also submit google sitemaps to again, increase the website search ranking. 

In any case, if your budget is even tighter than this, talk to us and if we can help you, we will! But remember the first wise man above...