Our approach when designing your website is one of total honesty and complete integrity, as it has always been. Rather than break any promises, we never make promises that we cannot keep and we always try to offer solutions to any problem that may arise along the way. It would be naive to suggest there are never problems so we don't but what we do say is that IF we encounter a problem, we will look for ways of resolving the issue and advise you of options and any implications to those options. This attitude has been a mainstay of our work in DVD encoding as problems with a clients source materials (video masters, audio tracks, etc.) often arise when we do our initial QC checks and whereas some of our competitors would simply return the problem to the client, we will advise our client of the problem and any possible solutions that we can offer to minimise disruption to your website project.

By working with our clients and supporting them throughout the life of their project, we make sure it's a team effort and by doing so, we ensure that our clients will want to come back to us for their next project!