Web Design


Our belief is that a good website is critical if you want to maximise your business opportunities. By good, we mean the website has to be easy to navigate, visually stimulating and convey enough information to give a good impression of the company and your services.


Don't be fooled by people who offer bells, whistles and dancing bears. It's unlikely that these will be what your potential customers are interested in and it's highly unlikely that they'll be impressed by a website that looks astounding if it takes ages to load the whole page and then tells them very little about you and what you do. It's critical that you as the website owner understand what you want to achieve from your website and that you give some thought as to how you expect your prospective clients to search for your type of website! We say this as your understanding of your customers is the best way to ensure that your website is one of the first they see when searching online. The better you understand them, the greater the chance that you will anticipate their needs and therefore be one of the websites they find when searching via one of the 'search engines' such as Google or Bing...


We will explain the key issues to maximise your 'ranking' on search engines in more detail in the early stages of your website design with us. Needless to say, it's a complex issue that our experience and expertise will help you negotiate and we will ensure that you make the most of your website and it's business generating ability!